How to Make Money on Truly

Have you ever wished you could make money by sharing your knowledge with others? With Truly App, that’s exactly what you can do. This platform connects people with questions to those who can answer them through short videos. Even if they don’t have a Truly App account, you can still provide them with the guidance they need by sharing a link to your account. 

What Is Truly?

Truly makes it easy to have private conversations with users and provide personalized responses through text chat or video. Everyone has something to share, and people are searching for answers that only someone with experience can provide.

How To Make Money On Truly?

To get started, create a Truly profile and add hashtags that describe your expertise. Set your price per video and share your profile link. Anyone in the world can request a consultation, and you’ll receive payment instantly for your responses.

Tips to Succeed

For coaches, creators, and influencers with large audiences, there’s even more potential to earn. Verified accounts receive more visibility within the app, increasing the chances of being consulted. Follow these tips for success on Truly App: provide direct and helpful responses, be verified, and add relevant hashtags to your profile.

The Truly App is changing the way people interact and share knowledge. Join now and start earning by doing what you love. Check it out at

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